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15 January, 2018
Sharing our knowledge on whole body MRI scanning for cancer

We’ve shared our unique approach to whole-body MRI with professionals worldwide by publishing it online via a video tutorial “how to” guide. [...]read more




27 November, 2017
Paul Strickland Scanner Centre gives inside view on Iron Age feasting rituals

We've scanned what could be our oldest patients yet at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre after we were selected by a team of archaeologists to help solve an Iron Age mystery. [...]read more



8 November, 2017
Centre supports International Day of Radiology

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is today (8/11) highlighting the crucial role played by medical imaging in modern healthcare by supporting the International Day of Radiology 2017. [...]read more

26 October, 2017
Grow a moustache and raise money to help men with cancer

Cancer is the most common cause of death in British men, with 86,000 diagnosed in 2014 according to Cancer Research UK. Paul Strickland Scanner Centre has been fighting to improve both diagnosis and monitoring of cancer since 1985, and survival rates have increased significantly since — but more needs to be done. [...]read more


3 October, 2017
Centre consultant receives 2017 ICIS Gold Medal

Anwar Padhani, lead MRI consultant at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, has just received a major international award. [...]read more


29 September, 2017
Our website gets an upgrade

With thousands of patients relying on the internet for information about their scan, we’re pleased to tell you that we’ve just carried out a major revamp of our website. [...]read more

6 September, 2017
Paul Strickland Scanner Centre awarded national quality mark

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital has recently been awarded a prestigious national quality mark by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) [...]read more




1 August, 2017
Protecting patients with low dose scans

Our cutting-edge CT scanner is able to produce superior high-resolution images with far less radiation than the national standards set by the NHS. [...]read more




4 September, 2017
New scanner for Cancer Centre

A new, £1.5million MRI scanner we’re buying for Mount Vernon Cancer Centre will reduce waiting times for hospital patients who need treatment. [...]read more