Installation of a £1.5 million MRI scanner for Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is underway.

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Pierre du Bois
10 June, 2018

Installation of a £1.5 million MRI scanner we are funding for Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is underway.

The scanner will enable Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (MVCC), part of East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, and PSSC to work even more closely together, which will allow staff from both organisations to learn from each other and find new and better ways of improving care and treatment for local patients. The cancer centre will contribute its expertise in radiotherapy, as well as the scanning room. The scanner will be operated jointly by PSSC and MVCC staff, and will be a significant upgrade to the scanner currently being used at the cancer centre.

It’s expected that the new scanner will reduce waiting times, increase the number of people who are able to have a scan per day, and allow more precise radiotherapy treatment planning for cancer patients. The new machine also features a wider opening, making scans easier for large patients or those who have claustrophobia.

Claire Strickland, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre Chief Executive, said: “Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is an international leader in cancer treatment and deserves praise for investing in techniques that allow radiotherapy to be delivered with a degree of precision that wouldn’t have been possible only a few years ago. This has allowed this NHS cancer centre to reduce the amount of radiation given to sensitive healthy tissue (and therefore side effects to patients), potentially allowing increased doses directly to the tumour.

“However, this degree of precision depends on the ability to determine the exact location, size and shape of the tumour in detail, which can only be achieved with cutting edge scanning equipment.

“Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is very proud that, thanks to the support of our fundraisers and donors, we’re able to help make treatment at Mount Vernon Hospital even better by deepening our partnership with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, which directly benefits local people affected by cancer and other serious diseases.”

Jagdeep Kudhail from Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, said: “This collaboration with our diagnostic partners will bring about the best possible innovative approach to cancer care. It will ensure expertise is shared, leading to improved outcomes for our patients.”

  • Our fundraising drive for a new, separate MRI scanner at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre continues. If you can help, email or ring 01923 844290.
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