About image transfers

Every year we transfer more than 20,000 sets of images to most private hospitals and NHS Trusts using Image Exchange Portal (IEP). This page explains how clinicians can request scan images from us, or how you can send us scan images securely.

How to make sure we can accept your image transfer

We’re able to accept transfer requests for import to our PACS systems or export to another PACS system as long as:

  • Imaging is to be reviewed at a Multidisciplinary Team meeting (MDT)

  • An urgent clinical opinion is required from a specialist clinician at another organisation.

  • Patient care is transferred from one organisation to another.

  • Prior scans are required from external organisation as comparative reports for scans performed at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre.

  • Images are required to support the patient in some other way.

How to request an image transfer

How to request an image transfer

Download our PACS Imaging Request Form and complete it.

By email

If you have an NHS secure email account (nhs.net), we encourage you to email the completed form to  PSSCIEP.enh-tr@nhs.net. If you use a different email system, we can only accept your transfer if you have the explicity permission of the patient or if your message is encrypted.

By secure fax

Send it to us on 01923 886313.

Any questions?

Just ring us on 01923 886317 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Urgent image transfers

For urgent transfers, email the completed form and then contact the PACS office on 01923 886317.

Please indicate clearly on the form whether it is an import or an export request.PACS Department working hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

During our core working hours, imaging enquires are usually dealt with on the same day.If you have any question please contact the PACS office on 01923 886317 or email PSSCIEP.enh-tr@nhs.net.